Life On Purpose


Located at the Intersection of Science, Spirituality & Practicality.

A fun, inspiring & eye opening place for women who dare to want it all.

D iscover how to trust your inner power, transform your life & prosper in ALL areas. 

Join our community of conscious creators and enjoy a perfect blend of manifesting mentoring plus everyday effectiveness strategies so you can live life on purpose and enjoy both prosperity AND a gorgeous sense of flow. 


TOTAL VALUE: Over US$2,000 per annum

For just US$39pmth!

International Speaker, Bestselling Author & Effectologist

Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, Evolve Hypnotherapist, NLP & Timeline Practitioner

B.Eng (Chem), Dip Fin Services (MB)

Is Effectology School right for me?

  • Ready to manifest and manage more money, more time more LIFE?

  • Sick of drowning in doubt, frustration, fear, confusion & overwhelm?

  • Time to ditch the limiting beliefs and patterns that are holding you back?

  • Believe you should be able to have BOTH prosperity AND life balance? (Good! Because you can!)

  • Want to be catapulted into the land of Clarity, Focus & Confidence?

  • Are you ready to trust your inner power so you can transform your life & prosper in all areas?


How does it work?

Effectology School is the Inner Circle - a fun & supportive environment where we come together to raise our vibration,

get serious shit done & live life on purpose.

Join us now to enjoy:

1. Monthly Live Group Q&A Coaching Call to help you fine-tune your vibration and become a Master Manifester.

2. Access to the support of myself & a beautiful community of like-minded women in our Closed Facebook Group

3. Regular fun Group Activities & Challenges (including 7 Day Money Manifestival!) to increase both your vibration & your effectiveness. That's right... it's Spiritual Kapow with Effectiveness Know-How!

4. Easy, bite-sized audio & video Effectology Lessons with simple action steps so you can enjoy immediate rewards. (Transcripts of all audio & video lessons will also be availabe)

​5. Free signed hardcopy of my bestselling book 'Today's Woman - Life Balance Secrets' posted to you! (while stocks last) 


A Workbook & Guided Audio Tour


Access to the entire back catalogue of guided meditations anytime you like.

Receive 20% OFF online courses & 1:1 sessions!


FOR JUST US$39pmth! 


For Creating A Life of Purpose, Prosperity & Flow


TOTAL VALUE: Over US$2,000 per annum

Only US$39pmth

What happens after I enrol?

  1. WELCOME! Check your email for your enrollment confirmation. (Add the sender to your Contacts to ensure you receive all student updates!)
  2. YOUR BOOK: A signed copy of my bestselling book 'Today's Woman - Life Balance Secrets' will be posted to you.
  3. FACEBOOK GROUP: You'll receive an email with the link to our closed Facebook Group. Please make sure you join the group!
  4. LIVE CALLS: Dates for Group Q&A Coaching Calls will be posted in the Events Tab of the Facebook Group. You'll also receive reminder emails prior to each call.
  5. CHALLENGES: Will be conducted in our Closed Facebook Group.
  6. EFFECTOLOGY LESSONS & DIY COURSES: After enrolment, you'll receive regular emails with access to Effectology Lessons, Book Club, Resources & DIY Courses to help you trust, transform & prosper and play full out in this game of conscious creation!
  7. AM I LOCKED IN? Of course not! You can opt out anytime at all (and I'll still love you!). Please note that any monthly fees paid up until time of cancellation are non refundable. You can cancel the subscription in your Paypal account anytime you like and stay enrolled and enjoy the fun for as long as you like. You're in complete control.


TOTAL VALUE: Over US$2,000 per annum

Only US$39pmth

Will I fit in?

  • Are you a spiritually-minded, practical & left-brained WOMAN, who loves to enjoy the best of our gorgeously abundant material world?​
  • Do you want MORE out of life and make that LAW OF ATTRACTION sucker finally work for you? (beyond manifesting great parking spots..!)
  • Do you want to create life DELIBERATELY & balance it EFFECTIVELY?
  • Are you ready for some serious GROWTH or TRANSITION?
  • Is it time to put YOU first & get a deeper sense of PASSION & PURPOSE into your life?
  • Would you like incredible CLARITY on what's most important to you & discover how to get it?
  • Do you prefer learning to be EASY & FUN?
  • Need to figure out how to get laser sharp FOCUS so you can be super EFFECTIVE?
  • Would you like more hours in your day, get the important things done & still have time to just... RELAX? (Life Balance, here we come!)
  • Do you like SIMPLE step-by-step instructions? (can I get an 'Amen'...?)
  • Are you sick & tired of being promised the 'silver bullet' only to end up on a slippery ride down someone's sales funnel?
  • Are you ready to say Eff(ectology)This!  and commit to busting through?
  • Are you yearning for truly USEFUL TOOLS backed up with genuine SUPPORT, CARING & ENCOURAGEMENT?
  • Are you ready to Live Life On Purpose?

Great! Then you'll absolutely LOVE IT!


TOTAL VALUE: Over US$2,000 per annum

Only US$39pmth


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See you on the inside!

International Speaker, Bestselling Author & Effectologist

Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, Evolve Hypnotherapist, NLP & Timeline Practitioner

B.Eng (Chem), Dip Fin Services (MB)